 “Middle Class Lonely”


On a Sunday afternoon in winter, I urge you to make your way over to Piers Park in East Boston.

There’s no one around.   It’s too cold. 

Walk to the end of the pier, and let the Sun shine on you. 

Ask the Sun to cleanse you…to cleanse your soul, and make you feel fresh and new.

Listen to the sea ducks as they run on the surface of the water before they take flight.

In your mind, take flight with them. 

Banish the loneliness.   Feel connected to All Things as you leave.


I never knew there was such a thing as being “middle class lonely.”  But after going through this horrible condo situation—I now realize that politicians don’t really care about the individual, and I realize that my friends all have their own lives to live, and that they’re struggling too. 

INVISIBLE MIDDLE CLASS.  There are no programs for the middle class individuals like me who are deemed to have enough money in the eyes of society.  I’m supposed to be able to take care of myself.

So, what if you come up against someone like a ‘bad seed’ Building Developer or Condo Trustee…and you don’t have the money for an attorney to get leverage, and they’ve damaged your property value?  What if dealing with their antics and lies has done damage to your health and sanity, and you’re very tired and fear all this will finally affect your job?   Who’s there for you? 

It’s middle class lonely.   (I never knew.) 

And yet, I have a job.  I have friends.   I serve on a non-profit’s board of directors.  And I’m grateful for these things.  But many people are struggling with their own problems, issues, and day-to-day obligations.  They mean well when they give you advice over the phone or by E-mail messages—but they can’t really help you out of your situation.  It can make you feel more alone.

I don’t have lot of family; and not a lot of resources.  I do have a condo-from-hell nightmare that I can’t escape. 

THE ‘ROLL-UP-THEIR-SLEEVES’ KIND OF FRIENDS.  There have been some people who really stand out as heroes to me in all of this.  I am so grateful for the good people who have been trying to champion my efforts to get out of this condo-related (raw sewage, tenant noise and violence, etc.) mess.  These friends have kept me going.  They’ve tried to make sure I’ve left ‘no stone unturned.’  They have given me their own personal contacts, and have shown up at meetings with me.  One special friend even asked me to appear on his radio program so I could share my story (and my friend Ed’s similar condo nightmare story) with the public.

I’m just so tired; and I don’t know how long I’m supposed to take this.  Am I supposed to wait until I’m completely out of money, or out of a job (or possibly my sanity) before I walk away?

I need a miracle.  I need real help.

HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL.  I want to pay it  forward, and be the example of a ‘happy ending.’  I want to be the example of how the system really can work and step in for a decent, tax-paying citizen!  I want to see an example of friends and leaders banding together and fighting the ‘bad seed’ Building Developers and/or Condo Trustees!  I want to help change legislation, and help others to never feel this lonely… never feel this beat up!

I hope this is possible.

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