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 City of Boston Adding Fuel to the Fire in Scared Condo Owner Situation

February 8, 2010 1 comment

Strange Communication from Boston ISD

After two and a half years of living in a condo nightmare—with raw sewage overflows and other issues affecting your property, health and safety—how do you think you might like it if your City treated you as if you were invisible and unimportant?

What if you told your Mayor that you were afraid of the serious possibility of retaliation regarding your condo nightmare, and you received a BRIGHT YELLOW NOTICE on your door from Inspectional Services indicating to everyone in the building that you’ve made a complaint?

For background:

  • STATED CONDO/RAW SEWAGE PROBLEMS.  I sent letters and E-mails to Mayor Menino’s office for over a year and a half describing my condo/raw sewage nightmares.  I have also written and called several Inspectors.
  • VISITED MAYOR’S OFFICE.  My friend Ed came with me about a week or so ago to talk with someone in authority about what has been happening regarding my condo nightmare.  We spoke to one of the Mayor’s ‘Hotline’ Aides. who took note of our questions about lacking permits, and years of sewage related episodes.
  • STATED FEAR OF RETALIATION.  While at the Mayor’s office, I provided a binder full of correspondence relating to the condo problems—including statements that I have been living with the fear of retaliation from the people involved.

Instead of having someone call me me to get clarification about this ongoing, maddening situation, I get this:

A BRIGHT YELLOW NOTICE on my doorknob—for everyone in the Building to see—stating there has been a COMPLAINT to INSPECTIONAL SERVICES. 

The almost-funny thing is that, although it had my condo number, it had the name “Donna”  on it.  My name is clearly not Donna.  I have been sending correspondence to the Mayor and the Inspectors for over a year and a half.  How hard is it to get my name right after all this time?  The subliminal message I’m receiving from the City feels like:  We are clearly just going through the motions because you continue to bother us.. Read more…

 “Middle Class Lonely”

February 1, 2010 Leave a comment


On a Sunday afternoon in winter, I urge you to make your way over to Piers Park in East Boston.

There’s no one around.   It’s too cold. 

Walk to the end of the pier, and let the Sun shine on you. 

Ask the Sun to cleanse you…to cleanse your soul, and make you feel fresh and new.

Listen to the sea ducks as they run on the surface of the water before they take flight.

In your mind, take flight with them. 

Banish the loneliness.   Feel connected to All Things as you leave.


I never knew there was such a thing as being “middle class lonely.”  But after going through this horrible condo situation—I now realize that politicians don’t really care about the individual, and I realize that my friends all have their own lives to live, and that they’re struggling too. 

INVISIBLE MIDDLE CLASS.  There are no programs for the middle class individuals like me who are deemed to have enough money in the eyes of society.  I’m supposed to be able to take care of myself.

So, what if you come up against someone like a ‘bad seed’ Building Developer or Condo Trustee…and you don’t have the money for an attorney to get leverage, and they’ve damaged your property value?  What if dealing with their antics and lies has done damage to your health and sanity, and you’re very tired and fear all this will finally affect your job?   Who’s there for you? 

It’s middle class lonely.   (I never knew.)  Read more…