 Raw Sewage in America!

Raw Sewage Overflow Lasting Two Days! (Summer 2009)

I thought I was doing something good for myself.  

Bought a condo in 2007.   It was supposed to be a good thing.  Instead it has been two and a half years of horror.  My experience at this place has been something like the ‘Seven Plagues,’ including:  
  • Raw Sewage Overflows
  • Excessive Noise and Rental Tenant Violence
  • Insect Infestations
  • Second-Hand Smoke Exposure and Compromised Fire Codes
  • Property Maintenance Issues and Financial Deficits
  • Experience of Hostility and the Fear of Retaliation
  • Ongoing Condo Trust Rule Violations 

In my case, the Building Developer, Trustee and Seller were the same person.  I was told not to get a home inspection by the Seller and his Real Estate Agent (who I first believed was my agent), and that if I did, I would lose out on getting a one-year warranty on all the new appliances, cabinets, workmanship, floors, and bathroom.

The Real Estate Agent and the Seller both put pressure on me one night, and the Seller said, “… if you are concerned about money, and if something goes wrong—like the refrigerator dies—you would have to come up with another thousand dollars to get a new one if you choose to get an inspection over my warranty.”  

So, I spoke with my mortgage financing company, and they said an inspection was not mandatory.  However, I had been asking the Seller and his Agent (multiple times) if there were any assessments being planned or if there were any problems with the plumbing or electrical systems.  I was always told “no” and that they had spent a lot of time on the property, and that things were in great shape. 

RAW SEWAGE.  One of the more serious problems I encountered had to do with the raw sewage episodes.  One night, within a month of moving in, raw sewage poured from my tub, toilet and dishwasher for hours.  I was freaked!

There were at least 13 more raw sewage related episodes in the next couple of years, including one that lasted for two days, and ended in my condo unit being condemned during last summer by Boston Inspectors. 

My pets and I were virtually homeless for several days, and I have feared contamination and disease from the sewage all this time – for me and my pets. 

This is just part of the story…

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